Know your gadgets!



  • In-game playable character

  • Rise of value depending on performance, acquired skills and stats

  • Staking for liquidity and exclusive rewards

  • Trade and sell to other players or lend to guilds


  • Used as an entry fee to competitive games

  • Stable price

  • Multiple variations

  • Purchasable in-game or acquired as a prize


  • First one's free

  • Additional ones acquired via subscriptions

  • Exceptional achievement reward


  • Used to trade Codyfight NFTs on multiple blockchains


Explore Codyfight's ecosystem - Discover a universe of balanced competition, fair marketplace, and game customization. With every transaction, you're not only benefiting yourself but also contributing to free-to-play modes, creating an open and inclusive environment for all players!




The Codyfight Token $CTOK is an ERC-20 token that can used in the game to acquire items as well as outside of Codyfight in the crypto space through the Arbitrum blockchain.

Community incentives and rewards

  • Rewards for winning in the competitive games

  • Rewards for NFT artists and AI bot developers

  • Rewards for organizing custom community games and tournaments

  • Early access incentives for token holders cand players

Token Staking for liquidity

  • Investor focused - $CTOK as a reward

  • Gamer focused - NFTs as a reward (e.g. battle-pass system)

  • NFTs staking programmes

In-game asset purchases

  • NFT Codyfighters

  • CKeys - to enable multiple Codyfighters for bot farm scaling

  • CTickets - additional competitive game entries


  • Vote on new features

  • Bug-hunting campaigns

  • Impact storyline

  • Contribute to game art

token generation event

Coming soon!