The Codyfight Token $CTOK is an ERC-20 token that can be traded on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. The main network is Ethereum with bridges to other blockchains.

Community incentives and rewards

  • Rewards for winning in the competitive games

  • Rewards for NFT artists and AI bot developers

  • Rewards for organizing custom community games and tournaments

  • Early access incentives for token holders cand players

Token Staking for liquidity

  • Investor focused - $CTOK as a reward

  • Gamer focused - NFTs as a reward (e.g. battle-pass system)

  • NFTs staking programmes

In-game asset purchases

  • NFT Codyfighters

  • CKeys - to enable multiple Codyfighters for bot farm scaling

  • CTickets - additional competitive game entries


  • Vote on new features

  • Bug-hunting campaigns

  • Impact storyline

  • Contribute to game art


Earthling, there’s a variety of trinkets, gadgets and consumables that you’ll be using during your exploration of the Codyfight metaverse, get to know each one of them before the adventure starts!


  • In-game playable character

  • Rise of value depending on performance, acquired skills and stats

  • Staking for liquidity and exclusive rewards

  • Trade and sell to other players or lend to guilds


  • Used as an entry fee to competitive games

  • Stable price

  • Multiple variations

  • Purchasable in-game or acquired as a prize


  • First one's free

  • Additional ones acquired via subscriptions

  • Exceptional achievement reward


  • Used to trade Codyfight NFTs on multiple blockchains

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The Codyfight ecosystem is built to be a sustainable and balanced model in a circular flow that runs between competitive and casual gaming, custom game builder and NFT marketplace.

Every single element is empowering each other and fueling the casual gaming experience for the average player. Each transaction and purchased asset deploys a percentage of rewards to the free-to-play modes, allowing everybody to enjoy the game, making the ecosystem equal and open for all Earthlings.



24%private round

$CTOK 30,480,000.24

4%public round

$CTOK 5,080,000.04

15%Liquidity pool, rewards

$CTOK 19,050,000.15

20%Marketing, Ecosystem

$CTOK 25,400,000.20


$CTOK 19,050,000.15

6%Partners, Advisors

$CTOK 7,620,000.06


$CTOK 20,320,000.16

token generation event

$CTOK is making its appearance and launching on two of the most well-known and respected intergalactic launchpads!

Token generation event
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You’ll be able to find $CTOK listed on these galactic market exchanges:



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