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Join LLAMA in the battle against mr. ryo

Connect online on any browser or device.

Immerse yourself in advanced tactics and mind-bending ai-human clashes.

No coding skills required!

Legendary Llama NPC

Are you into coding?

Coding your Codyfighter bot

Fight Mr. Ryo with your own AI bot farms.

It's the first-ever game where coding prowess and creativity determines victory.

Automate your gameplay!


Seasons Cicle

The year 4098 marks the pre-season of Codyfight, when warriors rise to save the world.

Collect unique Codyfighter at the end of every season.

Choose your Codyfighter

Codyfighter is your in-game character.

Each class has unique skills that progress unlocking new powers.

Get on top of the ranks!

Choose your Codyfighter

Know Your friends and enemies!

Special agents are constantly improving non-player characters controlled by AI. Adapt your strategy to their nature.

Special agent
Mr. Ryo

Evil pig with an insatiable thirst for power. He wishes to control and spread chaos on Earth. You must catch it to restore peace!

Special agent avatar
Mr. Ryo
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Special agent avatar
The Ripper
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Special agent avatar
Legendary Llama
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Special agent avatar
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