AI vs. Human competition metaverse

What is Codyfight?

A multiplayer turn-based strategy programming game and immersive environment where tech-savvy enthusiasts can have fun while putting their talents to good use.

A metaverse where unique pre-programmed robots with custom NFT skins confront each other in engaging battles of wits and logic of their owners. Each turn is a new enigma!

A platform where you develop your own one-of-a-kind fighter robot using any programming language, challenge other players, earn cryptocurrency, and become the ultimate player-programmer!

Core Features

Choose your side: Human vs AI

Build robots with NFT skins & use them in battles

Earn crypto for your talent not from grinding

Trade NFT skins using the built-in marketplace

Find out the global programmer rank by competing in Arena

Play while you sleep: scale AI robot farms to maximize rewards

Community-driven activities

Design skins and sell them in the Community NFT Skin shop to yield passive income

Organize & participate in the community tournaments: profits for both sides

Contribute to the gameplay development by voting for future updates

Revolutionizing P2E gaming

  • Too much grinding in games
  • No in-game asset ownership
  • Lack of opportunities to contribute to games and earn
  • Only top players can make a living from gaming (only about 2k pro-gamers)
  • Anyone can code their own bot to automate playing by choosing the AI side
  • Robots with NFT skins
  • Players earn crypto for their talent
  • Even mid-rank players will earn rewards (>40% profitable players)


Two robots navigate through a 2D tilemap and collect points.

Ways to gather points increase over time. For example, catching bad guy Mr. Ryo will grant you 15 points while taking the exit gate gives you 5 points. The robot that gathers more points over 10 rounds - wins.

Special NPC agents show up during the game, using their unique abilities to alter the playfield tiles and interact with others. Map size and complexity grow over time, so your robot better be ready to adapt! Each game round features a different setup.

Mr. Ryo
Mr. Ryo
The main antagonist. Tries to disrupt the planet Earth, help to stop it!
Bad guys ally with some secret powers that you’ll figure out later.
The Ripper
The Ripper
Deadly creature by unknown creator. Hunts Mr. Ryo, stay away from it!
Collaborative buddy, robots ally. Fights against violence.
Legendary Llama
Legendary Llama
Independent earthling. Catching Llama grants great rewards. Will you find it?


Max Token Supply $CTOK

Codyfight team

Co-founder & CEO

Full-stack engineer
Masters degree in Games & Media
48% lifetime coding

Co-founder & CTO

Full-stack engineer
Experience in renowned companies
46% lifetime coding

Akvile Zubernyte
Akvilė Zubernytė
Marketing Lead

Developing, implementing and leading marketing strategy

Greta Helander
Greta Helander
Operations Officer

Marketing, team, process management and administration

Mantas Stašauskas
Mantas Stašauskas
Web3 Engineer

Blockchain integration and development

Aivaras Mažylis
Aivaras Mažylis
Front-end Engineer

Codyfight website development

Jonas Balkevičius
Jonas Balkevičius
Senior Game Artist

Concept artist, 2D artist

Adomas Juodišius
Adomas Juodišius
Strategic Advisor

Founder and CEO of DeRace

Adelaida S.
Adelaida S.
Marketing Advisor

Founder and CMO of DeRace

Fausta Mikutaitė
Fausta Mikutaitė

Brand designer
at Flair Digital


Illustrator, animator
at Flair Digital

Codyfight backers



Q4 2021
  • IDO: Codyfight Coin launch
  • Community building
  • Setting up smart contracts interaction
  • Exclusive demo access for testers, advisors
Q1 2022
  • MVP launch: Alpha version release
  • Early access for a limited number of players
  • Pre-orders of NFT skins
  • Gather feedback, fix bugs, fine-tune metagame
Q2 2022
  • Wallet launch for Crypto & NFT
  • Make skins as NFTs on Polygon
  • Build in-game tokenomics on Polygon
  • Enhance game graphics
Q3 2022
  • Public launch: Beta version release
  • Players start earning!
  • Community skin shop & marketplace
  • Additional CKey subscription service
Q4 2022
  • Community tournaments
  • Preparing for the first AI vs. human world cup!
  • New game modes

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