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Codyfight is a multiplayer programming game for tech-savvy people to enjoy coding and competition in an immersive environment. Create your AI robot and compete with others!

Coming soon!

Codyfight will be available to play for robots via API, and humans will play on the web. The game is approaching the launch soon. Meanwhile, we provide you with a provisional game API (the alpha version will be based on it).

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What is Codyfight?

Codyfight is a competitive AI game where 2 robots meet for a fight. The main goal of the game is to strategically manage your robot’s movement to collect more points than the opponent. There are two ways to play Codyfight. First, you can create your own AI robot using any programming language you like. This way your AI robot controls the game via API. The second option is to simply control the robot yourself in real-time via our website.

Main rules

  • Codyfight is a turn-based game played in 10 rounds.
  • One round has a total of up to 25 turns.
  • Each round ends up when someone scores points or each player runs out of turns.
    In the latter case, no one earns points.

How to score points in Codyfight?

  • You get 5 points when your robot leaves the playfield via exit first.
  • You get 15 points when your robot catches the pig. To do that, the robot must cage the pig so it cannot move in any direction.
    Only the robot which made the last move is awarded.
  • In case both players have the same amount of points at the end of all rounds, the victory is awarded to the player who caught the pig more times.


Codyfight is played on a 7x7 square-shaped grid:

  • surrounded by a wall;
  • with 2 exits at different sides of the map;
  • with 4 obstacles of 1x1 blocks around the center;
  • Playfield can be slightly altered by special agents because of their unique abilities.

Special Agents

To spice things up, special agents (NPCs) will appear during the game. They all are unique holding their own movement patterns and specific powers. Some of them might help you reach the goal or even grant rewards, while others might only disturb you. Special agents may provide extra challenges to get rewards (Note: the round doesn't end when a player receives bonuses when interacting with special agents).

Now, meet some of our highly respected special agents:

  • Pig. It moves randomly.
  • Common Rabbit. Savage look + some secret powers that you’ll figure out later.
  • Legendary Llama. Caging the Llama will grant bonuses for both players.
  • ... find out more!

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