Pre-season Skin Event


Participate to own your Codyfighter as a collectible

Genesis Collection of Codyfighters
  • Tradable and rentable in-game asset that holds progress

  • Unique pre-season collectible acting as a proof of early adoption

  • Profile picture for game profile or socials

  • Provides voting rights on game features and development

  • Acts as a ticket to pre-sale of 2nd generation Codyfighters

  • Ensures a place in promotional giveaway

Secure a limited spot

brutes: Big HP, big damage, low energy, no armor

Codyfighter NFT
Codyfighter NFT
Codyfighter NFT
Codyfighter NFT
Codyfighter NFT

Event info

Upgrade your Codyfighter and get it for free

Event info Codyfighter

Type: Discord Role based

Chain: ARB

Supply: 700

Price: FREE

Location: TBA

Team allocation: 10 Codyfighters

Allocation: 1 per address

Event date: after rarity balance is achieved

Event time: TBA

500 guaranteed spot members will have one hour for Skin collection event

200 non-guaranteed spot members will be able to get skins 1 hour later

Each spot owner can empower only 1 Codyfighter they have in their game account.


Is Skin collection event for free?

Yes, collectible skins are for free.

What is the supply of the collection?

When is Skin collection event?

Will I need to pay transaction costs?

What is the uniqueness of this collection?

How do I secure my spot?

Is there a team allocation?