How to play?

Codyfight is accessible / playable in two ways

  • Via API
  • Via web widget (here)
Please note that competitive arena is only available when playing via API (game mode no. 3).

Game modes

The game mode can be selected during the init phase. The mode parameter is set via a POST request to (read more in api documentation).

  • Mode 1: Matchmaking between two custom players, can be robot versus human.
    Max one turn (request) time: 10s.
  • Mode 2: Matchmaking between two random players can be robot versus human.
    Max one turn (request) time: 5s.
  • Mode 3: Rank-based matchmaking between two semi-random players. It’s a competitive arena exclusively for AI robots. Entry fee: 1 CodyTicket or DailyTicket. Here, players can get rank-based rewards, compete to get into TOP ranks (10 ranks total), and so on.
    Max one turn (request) time: 2s.

Main Rules

  • You need to wisely choose the next move in a limited time.
  • Codyfighter can move to one of these possible positions: left, right, up, down, stay
  • The goal is to gather more points than the opponent.
    Points can be earned by
    • Going thru exit
    • Collaborating with (another robot || special agent) and caging the Pig
    • Unexpected special situations might occur!